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Charis Andrews (Gretl von Trapp)
Charis Andrews has recently turned 6 years old and is very excited to be playing Gretl in this production of The Sound of Music. Charis loves to dance and sing and always looks forward to performing on stage. This is Charis' first theatrical production.

Ashlyn Baillie (Marta von Trapp) 

Ashlyn Baillie is a nine year old French immersion student in Grade 5 at Tantallon Elementary School. She is playing Marta in her second acting role. Previously she appeared as Molly in St Luke’s production of Annie. Ashlyn plays ringette as both a goalie and a skater.  She enjoys Highland Dance and loves to spend time playing with her pet bunny Caramel. Recently Ashlyn organized a bake sale that raised $130 to support Endangered Animals though the World Wildlife Fund.

Stephen Deturbide (Max Detweiler) 

Stephen's previous theatre credits include high school performances of Black Comedy, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Drowsy Chaperone, The Importance of Being Earnest, and Fame. He has performed in two shows for Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre (Grease, 2011; Best of Broadway, 2013), and appeared in the University of King's College Theatrical Society production of Cabaret (2013). He is currently enrolled in his third year at Dalhousie University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in history.

Tammy Hodge (Sister Margaretta/Party guest)

Rev. Tammy Hodge is new to the theatre scene; she played her first role in last Spring’s Dinner Theatre production called Family Camp as the male singing aquatics director and love interest Andy. She also leads in the weekly theatre of liturgy during Sunday worship right here at St. Nicholas Church. She has loved The Sound of Music forever and is extremely excited to be playing in the role of Sr. Margaretta in this TNTS production.

Thomas Kingston (Rolf/Party guest) 

Thomas Kingston is a 17 year old student at Charles P. Allen High School. He has been acting for two years and has performed in two other productions Small Actors and Footloose: the Musical. He is very excited to perform as the character Rolf in The Sound of Music and hopes that it will be enjoyed by everyone who comes to watch.

Peter Lund (Herr Zeller) 

Peter Lund is Nova Scotia born having grown up in Hantsport in the Annapolis Valley. While in junior and senior high school, he acted in a variety of plays. He also wrote a screen play entitled Dead Man’s Bluff, a murder mystery which he directed and performed in. After graduating from Acadia University with an Honour’s Science degree, Peter enrolled in a TV Production course at NS Arts College while employed at CBC as a lighting technician. Peter continues to be involved in the performing arts as a huge supporter and is currently on the Board of The Nicholoadians Theatre Society.

Cait MacMullin (Leisl von Trapp) 

Cait MacMullin really is sixteen going on seventeen, and she is currently in grade eleven at Halifax West High School. She has trained with the Royal Conservatory of Music's Speech & Drama Program, and Neptune Theatre's Young Actors Company. Some of her favourite roles include Mina Harker in Dracula (Neptune YAC), Phebe in As You Like It (Bandshell Players), and Mabel Washington in Fame the Musical (HWHS). Cait is also an avid improviser, having trained at Improv University in Quebec. Last April, she and her teammates placed third nationally in the Canadian Improv Games.

Cate Ratcliffe (Baroness Elsa Schraeder)

Cate Ratcliffe is a twenty-two year old student from Halifax, in the first year of a three Masters' degree. She has always loved singing, dancing and acting, and has been performing on stage since she was four years old. Cate has been in over thirty major productions; some of her favourite roles include Charlotte in Charlotte's Web, Sonia (singer of “Turn Back, O Man”) in Godspell, and Mayzie LaBird in Seussical . She has also recently begun performing in the film industry. Ten years ago, Cate played Louisa in The Sound of Music and has found it interesting to return to the show in a very different role. When not performing, Cate tends to be reading (usually textbooks), knitting, practising guitar, or spending time with friends.

Claire Tizzard (Maria Rainer) 

Claire Tizzard is a grade 11 student at Charles P. Allen High school. She enjoys acting, singing and dancing which she has been doing since she was very young. Claire enjoys being a part of her school improv team and playing the drum in a youth band at her church. She has been a part of various musicals including The Wizard of Oz, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, and The Nicholoadians Theatrical Society's touring production of Godspell. She has enjoyed working with the entire cast of The Sound of Music and hopes you enjoy the show.

Amy Topshee (Louisa von Trapp) 

Amy is very excited to perform in her second theatrical production at St. Nicholas Church. The oldest of the 'Von Topshee" family, she lends real life experience to her role as Louisa. When not shepherding little sisters at home, Amy can be found practising her violin or oboe. She also loves to sing, camp, play soccer, and have fun with her friends in Grade 8.


Ainsley Baillie (Kurt von Trapp)

Ainsley Baillie is a 12 year old student in Grade 7 at Five Bridges Junior High. She is Kurt in The Sound of Music, and it looking forward to the test of acting as a boy in this play. This is her sixth play. She has previous appeared in Oliver!, Peter Pan, Cinderella and How to Eat Like a Child at Unicorn Theatre and Annie at St Luke’s United Church. Ainsley also plays the violin and French horn. She has played ringette for the past six seasons and is taking on the additional challenge of hockey this year as well. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Isabella Baxter (Brigitta von Trapp)

Isabella Dawn Baxter is excited to appear in her first Nicholoadians Theatrical Society production. She has previously performed with the Unicorn Theatre in Spooks, The Wizard of Oz, Annie Get your Gun and Mary Poppins, and appeared in a school play as "Snow White". This fall she will make her television debut in an episode of Haven. Isabella lives in Hammonds Plains and is a grade 6 student at Birch Hills Academy.

Mike Forhan (Franz) 

Mike is a relative newcomer to the “hands on” aspect of theatre, having just retired from the R.C.M.P. He has helped out peripherally with a number of productions from behind the scenes and provided backing vocals in the St. Luke’s Players production of Godspell. Mike is a member of the newly formed vocal quartet, Cardinal Points, which have recently performed at four local venues. Perhaps retirement will allow Mike to make further forays into the theatre realm in the future.

Lincoln Inglis (Friedrich von Trapp) 

Lincoln Inglis, age 13, has had a life-long passion for the stage. He started singing at age 3 and won his first of eight trophies for Junior Vocalist and Junior Musical Theatre at age 5. He played John Handsome in the South Queens Middle School production of Text U L8R. He played the role of Gavroche in The Winds of Change production of Les Miserables. Lincoln will be in the chorus of the Winds of Change upcoming, Seussical Junior. He is excited to be travelling from Liverpool to play Friedrich. He has enjoyed getting to know the cast and crew.

Kristin Leville (Sister Sophia/Party Guest) 

Kristen Leveille is an undergraduate student at Dalhousie University, currently working in the Bachelor of Science program. In resent years she moved back from Hong Kong and has been involved in An Enchanted Evening at Sir John A in the chorus, as well as performed in “Cell Block Tango” at Hungry Bowl charity event at Sir John A. In Hong Kong she was involved in Oliver! at RCHK playing Mrs. Sowerberry and other small plays. In The Sound of Music she will be playing the part of Sophia, a nun and an party guest. She hopes that you enjoy the show!

Craig Madden (Baron Elberfeld/Admiral von Schreiber) 

This is Craig's first year with The Nicholoadians Theatrical Society. Craig has a passion with theatre. Craig has done many plays/theatre show. These include Best Little Whore House in Texas with Dartmouth Players, Rumpelstiltskin with Child's Play Theatre, Nocturne at Bus Stop theatre, etc. He loves to work out on his spare time and does stand up comedy in Halifax. He would like to thank his family and friends for the support.

Joseph McAllister (Captain von Trapp)

Joseph McAllister is an 18 year old student at MSVU. He has been involved in theatre since the age of 5. He has previously preformed Godspell with The Nicholoadians Theatrical Society. Other productions have included involvement with Unicorn Theatre, he has had an amazing experience preparing for this show and hopes everyone enjoys it.

Brittany Stuart (Mother Superior/Frau Schmidt)

Starting a career in acting back in New Brunswick, Brittany has been a part of many different theatrical productions. With her musical abilities, she has performed in the dinner theatre production Can't Buy Me Love, as well as various shows from the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of N.B. Aside from a love for acting and singing, Brittany is also a dancer. She was a principle dancer in the musical Summer of '69, and she has done a lot of work in Hip Hop dancing. Her acting skills do not just end with theatre, she has also done a lot of work in the film industry and continues to do so.

Colleen Tizzard (Sister Berthe/Party guest)

Colleen is a big fan of live theatre and is thrilled to have a part in this show and share the stage with her daughter Claire. Colleen was in the drama club in High School and in University (Don't Drink the Water and Harvey). More recently Colleen helped produce and direct Family Camp a dinner theatre at St Nicholas.

Kevin MacIlreith (Director/Musical Director/Pianist)

Kevin has been playing the organ in church for more than half his life, since the age of 12. By age 19 he was the organist/choir director at St. Andrews Port Wallis, in Dartmouth. For the past 12 years, he has been the Musical Director, here at St. Nicholas, providing music for the services, Sunday school and leading two choirs and a band. Two years ago he returned to the backstage side of theatre through Godspell, of which he was the Musical Director and led the band. Taking Godspell on the road last summer to 7 different venues was an amazing experience but he is excited to be back at St. Nicks to put on this great show in comfortable surroundings.

Sophie Trinacty (Assistant Director)

Sophie Trinacty is an 18-year old Dalhousie student. She has been preforming for local audiences for the past 10 years. This is her first time assistant directing though she has played many roles behind the scenes over the last few years. She was choreographer of last season’s Godspell, and has worked as a production assistant for shows with Unicorn Theatre. She has enjoyed the chance to learn a new aspect of the theatre and has enjoyed working with this cast.

Ben Feltmate (Associate Producer/Stage Designer)

From nature reserve hometown, Three Brooks, Hubley, a very shy Ben Feltmate first began performing in grade ten at Sir John A. MacDonald High School, when his mother made him try out for her favourite musical Grease. Ben went on to play Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, Scrooge in A Christmas Carol and most recently (with TNTS) Jesus in Godspell. This time however, due to midterms, Ben is not stage performer, but a stage designer. Ben’s main responsibility as stage designer was to coordinate the vision, safety and construction of the nearly 500 sqft stage to be performed on tonight. This stage will be used in productions put on by St. Nicholas Church and TNTS in the time to come. If there is one thing Ben has learned in this project, it is the extremely high value of volunteers both expert and new in the completion of any large endeavour.

     Ben is in his fourth year of Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University and loving every mathematical moment of it. Ben dreams of designing renewable energy technology, performing on Broadway and combining these passions in mechanical set design; after all, life is too short to spend it doing anything that you don’t love.

Rick Ratcliffe (Producer)

Rick Ratcliffe is a resident of Boutilier's Point and a graduate of Saint Mary's University. In retirement Rick has had the opportunity to develop two passions; teaching adults to prepare for their GED and outreach to youth through theatre. A husband and father and now a producer, The Nicholoadians Theatrical Society's production of Godspell made all his dreams come true. This second production, The Sound of Music has been quite an experience and he thanks the entire cast, teams and crew for their hard work and hopes you enjoy the show.

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